CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023, CBSE +1 Weightage Distribution 2023

CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023 Download CBSE Class 11th Blueprint 2023, 11th Board Blueprint 2023 @cbse.nic.inCBSE 11th Blueprint 2023: The Central Board of Secondary Education Download the 11th Class Examination Latest Blueprint 2023

The Candidates those who applied for the CBSE Exam 2023 can start to Download their Blueprint 2023 However, we provide you a direct link to Download your CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023. Also, we provide other details like where and how to Download your CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023 in the sections below. Moreover, visit the Central Board of Secondary Education official Website i.e., for more details.

CBSE Class 11th Weightage Distribution 2023

The Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi announced the 11th Class Public Blueprint 2023. Hence, all the students who appeared for the Public Exams can Download their Marking Scheme 2023 now. Hence, click given below for CBSE Class 11th Blueprint 2023 for Public Exams 2023. For any queries and complaints regarding the CBSE 11th Class Blueprint 2023 visit the Official CBSE Website.

CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023,

Name of the BoardCentral Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
Exam Name CBSE 11th Class Examination 2023
Number of Students Applied 11,86,306
No of Exam Centers4.138 (in India)
71 (Outside India)
CategoryBoard Weightage Distribution 2023
Blueprint 2023March to April 2023
CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 PDFMay 2023
11th Previous Weightage Distribution 2023 PDFAugust 2023
CBSE Class 11th Blueprint 2023

The Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi announced that the 11th Class Blueprint 2023 will be a Download. So, Keep visiting our site we will update the link immediately when the Marking Scheme 2023 is announced. Moreover, Aspirant need to have details like Subjects, School Number, and Center Number to download the CBSE Weightage Distribution 2023.

Download CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023

Generally, CBSE releases the Marking Scheme 2023 in its official website The Candidates can visit the official website of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi to Download their Blueprint 2023 Also,

Download the Marking Scheme 2023 page for CBSE 11th Class Blueprint 2023 link and enter the details. However, we provide you a direct link so that Aspirants can Download their Marking Scheme 2023 easily. Also, Download the steps to Download your CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023 in the section below.

Steps to Download CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023

  1. Click on the link CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023 given below
  2. We redirect you to the official website of CBSE
  3. Download for the Respective CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 link and open
  4. Enter the details required and submit.
  5. The CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 is shown on a new page
  6. Take a photocopy or save as PDF for further references.

CBSE 11th Blueprint 2023 – Download

11th Physics Blueprint

Unit No.Unit NameChapter NoChapter NameNo. of Periods per Unit Marks
1.Physical World and Measurement1.Physical World0620
2.Units & Measurement
2.Kinematics3.Motion in a Straight Line16
4.Motion in a Plane
3.Laws of Motion5.Laws of Motion10
4.Work Energy and Power6.Work Energy and power1215
5.The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body7.System of Particles and Rotational Motion16
7.Properties of Bulk Matters9.Mechanical Properties of Solids2223
10.Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11.Thermal Properties of Matter
9.The behavior of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases 13.Kinetic Theory08
10.Oscillation and Wave 14.Oscillations2312
Total Marks131 70

11th Chemistry Blueprint

Unit No.Unit NamePeriodsMarks
ISome Basic Concepts of Chemistry1011
IIStructure of Atom12
IIIClassification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties0604
IVChemical Bonding and Molecular Structure1406
VRedox Reactions0405
VIIOrganic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques1009
VIIIStates of Matter: Gases and Liquids 09 15
IX Chemical Thermodynamics 14
X Equilibrium12
XI s -Block Elements 05 11
XII Some p -Block Elements 09
XIII Hydrocarbons 10 09
Total 119 70

11th Maths Blueprint

Unit No.Unit NameMarks
1.Sets and Functions19
3.Coordinate Geometry15
5.Statics and Probability12
Internal Assessment20

11th Biology Blueprint

Unit No.Unit NameMarks
1.Diversity of Living Organisms15
2.Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals08
3.Cell: Structure and Function17
4.Plant physiology12
5.Human physiology18
PartUnit No.Unit NameMarks
(A) Financial Accounting-11.Theoretical Framework12
2.Accounting Process40
(B) Financial Accounting-23.Financial states of sole Proprietorship from Complete and Incomplete Records28
4.Computers in Accounting
Project Work20

11th Business Studies Blueprint

PartUnit No.Unit NameNo. of Periods per UnitMarks
(A) Foundations of Business1.Evolution and Fundamentals of Business1816
2.Forms of Business Organisations20
3.Public, Private, and Global Enterprises1014
4.Business Services14
5.Emerging Models of Business0510
6.Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics08
Total (part A)7540
(B) Finance and Trade7.Sources of Business Finance2820
8.Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development16
9.Internal Trade2220
10.International Business04
Total (part B)7040
Project Work2020

11th Economics Blueprint

PartUnit No.Unit NameMarks
(A)Statics for Economics1.Introduction04
2.Collection, Organization, and preposition of Data09
3.Statical Tools and Interpretation27
Total (part A)40
(B)Introductory Microeconomics4.Introduction04
5.Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand13
6.Producer Behaviour and Supply13
7.Forms of Market and Price Determination under perfect competition with simple applications10
Total (part B)40
Project Work20

11th History Blueprint

Theme No.Theme NameMarks
2.Writing And City Life10
3.An Empire Across Three Continents10
4.Central Islamic lands10
6.The Three Orders10
7.Changing Cultural Traditions10
9.The Industrial Revolution10
10.Displacing Indigenous People10
11.Paths To Modernization10
Project Work20

11th Political Science Blueprint

PartUnit No.Unit NameMarks
(A)Indian Constitutional Work1.Constitution12
2.Election and Representation05
3.The Legislature07
4.The Executive07
5.The Judiciary06
6.Local Government03
Total (part A)40
(B)Political Theory7.Political Theory: An Introduction07
Total (part B)40

11th Sociology Blueprint

Unit No.Unit NameMarks
1.Sociology and Society10
2.Terms, Concepts and Their Use in Sociology10
3.Understanding Social Institutions10
4.Culture and Socialization10
5.Social Change and Order in Rural and Urban Society14
7.Introducing Western Sociologists14
8.Indian Sociologists12

11th Geography Blueprint

PartUnit No.Unit NameMarks
(A) Fundamental of Physical Geography1.Geography as a Discipline03
2.The Earth09
6.Life on the Earth03
Map Work and Diagram 05
Total (part A) 35
(B) India – Physical Environment7.Introduction07
9.Climate, Vegetation, and Soil15
Map Work and Diagram 05
Total (part B)35
Practical Work30

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